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Advanced Course

Advanced Psychic Development Course

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The Advanced Mediumship & Psychic Development Course

Fully Accredited by the PSB (Psychic Standards Bureau)

This course includes:

This a unique online,self study course, you can work through at your own pace and in your own time. It covers all aspects of aadvancedpsychic and mediumistic unfoldment and is brought you by Beverley Anne Freeman who has had 12 years experience teaching in this field. There are 11 modules which will be emailed to you weekly, there is email support the whole time and an optional completion certificate at the end.

Investing time in becoming a better you

  1. The 7 levels of enlightenment
  2. Healing the self
  3. Advanced healing techniques
  4. Improving your connection to spirit and getting better evidence
  5. Psychic readings and accurate predictions for the future
  6. Developing trance mediumship
  7. Speaking to your guides, angels and loved ones in spirit for further advancement
  8. More psychic tools for readings…………R 30;…
  9. How to open a business doing readings and healing
  10. Living with spirit on a daily basis