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Animal Communication & Healing Course

Animal Communication Course

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Fully Accredited by the PSB (Psychic Standards Bureau)

If you love animals then this course is for you.... it will help you fine tune your psychic abilities and animal communication. Training to communicate with deceased animals and healing sick animals with gentle techniques such as crystal healing, reiki and natural remedies

Animal Communication & Healing

  1. Introduction to Animal Communication
  2. Communicate with any animal in person.
  3. Communicate with animals in spirit, what happens when an animal passes and reincarnation.
  4. Talk to animals about behaviour issues.
  5. Improve your animal’s health, happiness and wellbeing.
  6. Communicating with animals on a deeper level.
  7. Communicating with Rescue animals and wild animals.
  8. Reiki healing with animals
  9. Spiritual healing on animals
  10. Using Crystals for animal healing
  11. Natural remedies for animals


  • Worksheet PDF's
  • Training Manual
  • Audio Files & Meditation
  • Certification