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The Law of Attraction Course


Fully Accredited by the PSB (Psychic Standards Bureau)

  1. What is the law of attraction
  2.  How can we manifest
  3. Meditation for manifestation
  4. Affirmations
  5. Creating a vision board
  6. Healing form the inside out
  7. Changing your energy vibration
  8. Learning to love yourself
  9. Prayer & Gratitude
  10. Specific manifestation i.e. money, love, peace, business success, etc.
  11. Keeping it going & Keeping it real


  • PDF Worksheets for every step
  • Audio Lessons and Meditations
  • Easy Step by Step guide to transforming your life
  • Free check list sheet
  • Email Support every step of the way
  • Recommended Reading Lists
  • Certificate of Completion (worksheet submitted as a requirement)

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