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Past Lives Course

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This a unique online, self study course, you can work through at your own pace and in your own time. It covers all aspects of past lives and past life regression therapy. The course is brought you by Beverley Anne Freeman who has trained with famous author Dr Brian Weiss and is qualified in clinical hypnosis. There are 11 modules which will be emailed to you weekly, there is email support the whole time and an optional completion certificate at the end.

Past Lives Course

  1. What are Past Lives?
  2. Past lives in history
  3. Past Life Regression Therapy
  4. Self-hypnosis for visiting past lives
  5. The Work Dr Brian Weiss
  6. The Amazing life of Edgar Cayce
  7. Life Between Life Regression & Dr Michael Newton Study
  8. Children who remember their past lives
  9. The Akashic Records
  10. Meditation for past life regression (includes MP3 Download)
  11. Workings as a past life regression therapist

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