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Spiritual Life Coaching


Fully Accredited by the PSB (Psychic Standards Bureau)

Many years of evolving my spiritual life coaching business has given me valuable experience that i would like to pass on to anyone who wishes to become a spiritual life coach. In this course you will learn practical and simple guidelines for becoming an fantastic coach. Healing people and understanding them at a deeper level with real life case studies to help you evolve. 

Course Contents: 

  1. What is the difference between spiritual life coaching and any other life coaching? 
  2. How to be an amazing coach.
  3. Building an rapport with your clients & the initial consultation.
  4. Social styles
  5. Learning styles
  6. Online v's face to face coaching
  7. Being the teacher
  8. Counselling clients
  9. Mastering your own life
  10. Choosing your best healing commodities
  11. Creating plans for your clients
  12. Overcoming resistance from clients to heal.
  13. Keeping records.
  14. Real life case studies
  15. Marketing your business

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