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Law of Attraction Course

Listen to your tutor explain the course here: 

The Law of Attraction introduction

1. What is the law of attraction

2. How can we manifest

3. Meditation for manifestation 

4. Affirmations

5. Creating a vision board

6. Healing form the inside out

7. Changing your energy vibration

8.Learning to love yourself

9. Prayer & Gratitude 

10. Specific manifestation i.e. money, love, peace, business success, etc.

11.Keeping it going & Keeping it real


  • PDF Worksheets for every step
  • Audio Lessons and Meditations 
  • Easy Step by Step guide to transforming your life
  • Free check list sheet 
  • Email Support every step of the way
  • Recommended Reading Lists
  • Certificate of Completion (worksheet submitted as a requirement)