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Master Course

The Mediumship Master Course

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The Mediumship Master Course

Fully Accredited by the PSB (Psychic Standards Bureau)

This course focuses completely on working with spirit and the many different facets of mediumship. Working with spirit is the next level in your psychic awareness and you may not be aware of all the different types of mediumship. Its an in-depth look at how you can improve your mediumship, suitable for all levels and abilities it will take you on a journey of spiritual study, love and mediumistic unfoldment.

Course Contents:

  1. Introduction to mediumship
  2. The psychic senses and spirit
  3. Unfolding your own mediumship
  4. Seeking your true potential
  5. Working with guides, ascended masters and angels
  6. Communication with loved ones
  7. The History of modern spiritism; the pioneers of our time.
  8. Psychometry
  9. Trance mediumship
  10. Trance mediumship development
  11. Automatic writing
  12. Inspired speaking
  13. Apports & Signs
  14. Physical mediumship
  15. The amazing story of Helen Duncan
  16. Demonstrating mediumship
  17. Mediumship with healing
  18. Reaching your mediumistic potential
  19. Spiritualism and mediumship