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Meditation Genius Course

Meditation Genius

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Fully Accredited by the PSB (Psychic Standards Bureau)

Difficulty meditating? Tried sitting in silence but cant stop thinking about what yo make for dinner? I get it completely.......

There are so many types of meditation you can try and this course will help you to find what works for you. The benefits of meditation are endless.

Course Contents

  1. Benefits of meditation
  2. The Mental Hindrances and strategies for overcoming them;
  3. Metta Bhavana - Lovingkindness Meditation;
  4. Mindfullness
  5. Heart Centered Mediation
  6. Chanting and using mantras
  7. Sitting in the power
  8. Intention mediation for abundance
  9. Chakra Cleanse meditation
  10. Breath awareness meditation
  11. Choosing the right meditation for you.